Who We Are

Who We Are2018-04-09T03:17:33-06:00

We are the Democratic Party of Adams County in Colorado in the United States of America.


The bottom line is people: Democrats want to make things better for people in general! Republicans believe in a “trickle down” theory: that is, you shower enough blessings on those at the top of the economic pyramid, some of the benefit is bound to trickle down to those at the bottom. President Trump’s current tax cuts reflect the truth.

Democrats adhere to a “percolate up” theory. They believe that the best way is to strengthen our society is to “put the jam on the lower shelf so the little guy can reach it.” We can define “jam” as economic opportunity, the right to a first class education, the availability of good jobs for America’s working men and women, a piece of real estate, a secure old age, or the right to participate along with everybody else in the political process. Since Thomas Jefferson, Democrats have been working to give more people a piece of the action.

Republicans have consistently voted “NO” at the critical turning points of our history. For example:

  • When Social Security was created

  • When housing guarantees were inaugurated

  • When Congress launched Medicare and hospital programs

  • On the interstate highway systems

  • On school funding and facility construction

  • On mass transit

  • On economic development programs in low-income neighborhoods

  • On union protection of workers

Republicans are still ignoring specific efforts to aid in full employment and are still willing to place the greatest tax burden on those least able to pay.