What happens at your Caucus

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What happens at your Caucus

March 7th, 2:00 – 4:00


1. Registration and Seating

You’ll find your precinct registration table and check in. Precincts may have seating areas / tables, but the opening of the caucus will be a combined session for all precincts.

2. Opening, Rules, and Agenda

Your House District Captain will open the meeting, review the caucus rules and agenda.

3. Candidate Statements

Candidates going through the caucus process may attend your caucus or send representatives. Each candidate / surrogate will be given 3 minutes to address the caucus.

4. Break out into Precinct working groups

The district will physically separate by precinct to enable voting. Your precinct will have an envelope with needed documents, labeled to show numbers of delegates required. You will elect a chair and secretary to guide and record your breakout session.

5. Precinct Voting and Signups

Your precinct will vote on a preference poll for the US Senate race. From among your Precinct group, you will elect delegates / alternates for the county assembly, the state assembly, and the 17th Judicial District assembly. 

6. Precinct roles in the 2020 campaign and election

You will elect 2 Precinct Committee Persons (PCP’s) who will facilitate 2020 Democratic campaigning activities in your precinct. Sign-ups for election Judges for the 2020 primary and general election will be available. Your precinct can also submit resolutions to be considered for the Democratic Party platform. 

7. Adjournment