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Robocall Information2018-04-09T03:20:31-06:00

We no longer provide a Robocall service, as it is expensive to keep the phone lines, and very few people care to take the time to run the autodialer.

There are a number of online voice broadcast services that are very competitive with what we were charging and provide additional services we couldn’t.

Nicole Hanlen has used:

She likes it because they help you setup the call, etc without any extra charge.  It also provides a method for the person being called to press a touch tone to accept an event, or to answer polling type questions.

Eva Henry has used:

She has found it usedful because it is low priced when compared with other services and it supports Democratic allies.  Does have a setup fee if you don’t use the web interface.  Doesn’t look too hard to use the web interface…. form their screenshots.

Dave Sabados of Compass Strategy says:

Robodial is very common for campaigns — it is very inexpensive and the interface is simple for anyone even mildly technologically adept.  If someone is totally lost on how to use a web interface and load in lists they will set up for a small fee.  Hope that helps.

Here are others I have found online:
— seems a bit pricey per call, and doesn’t seem to cater to political needs
Somewhat complicated pricing.  Might be the least expensive if you have a very short message.
Has a donkey in the logo…  pricing is a bit mysterious to me.  You have to spend a minimum of $100 and get a quote to know.
Call them all seems like more of a service for calling a consistent group of people every month.  Might be a good service to send out phone reminders to volunteers.
Very price competitive.  Looks simple
Simple fairly low price, with some features.  Easy to understand website.
Not much information on their site.  Looks like you’ll have to contact them to find out more.
I can’t say how much they charge.  They have a really nice looking website, but not terribly an important factor when choosing a service for voice broadcasting.
I don’t know why, but I just didn’t like this website and the presentation of the owner, etc.  I don’t really have anything else to say.
I just don’t like RoboTalker.  I think the website is horrible.  I don’t like sites that start a video without user initiation.
Might be competitive with Call Them All.  Looks like a simiar service with similar pricing.  Might be good for keeping in touch with volunteers…. but for 25 calls, you could just use Google voice or something like that, free of charge and requiring a bit more effort.
Pricing not transparent.  May be a good service, but really hard to tell from the website.
I’ve seen CallFire integrated with VAN.
I found this one interesting:
This one seems to be the only one to focus on Republicans, so it probably won’t be of any use to us… but worthwhile to keep track of the other side’s resources:
If you are a very technically proficient person, you could just get a Twilio API account and program through that API to accomplish things exactly as you program it.  That might come out cheaper and better if you have the time and skill to do so… or you could hire an overseas programmer to complete that for you, and spend a small amount on that overseas programmer to complete the task, but there are risks in doing that.
If you have any thoughts about these please contact the Secretary or Assistant Secretary of the Adams County Democratic party, and we can add your review to this list.