Join the Fight for Democracy

Many ways to Volunteer!

The 2022 election are key to establishing the freedoms, safety, and opportunities of our children and our society. Major issues include the Roe v Wade abortion reversal, gun laws, bogus election claims, and many others. Team up with your fellow Democrats – there are so many ways to participate:

  • Communicating In your community
    • Discussing Dems with friends and neighbors
    • Writing postcards to personalize mailings
    • Texting or phone initiatives
    • Literature drops – delivering key candidate info door-to-door
    • Coordinating with other Dems in your precinct to ensure complete communication
    • Canvasing as permitted by Covid-19 realities
  • Messaging in media
    • Hosting virtual House parties (e.g. Zoom) for favorite candidates
    • Providing links to Dem information in Facebook and other social media
    • Countering disinformation on Facebook, etc.
    • Writing letters to the editor
  • Participating in the election process
    • Becoming an election judge
    • Participating in voter registration drives
    • Facilitating voter turnout 

Let’s get started – our future depends on it! Please:

  1. Submit this form


2. E-mail us at: Please give us your address or precinct number so we can channel you in the right direction.