Serve as Precinct Committee Person

We have a lot of precincts, 255, in Adams county.  You can look at precincts on this page:  Only a small percentage of those have Adams County Democrats filling the precinct committee person positions.   The Democrats did very well in 2012’s General Election.  We hope to do well in 2018 as well as 2020.

So that means there is a large number of Adams county residents who vote for Democrats, but haven’t yet gotten involved in the Democratic party.  Those people, and you reading this page, may be one of them, are not fully involved in deciding who the next candidate will be, what are the important issues for the Democratic party on the local level.  The local level often matters more for our day to day lives than who the president is.  So if you are reading, this, and you’ve voted mostly Democratic, you should consider getting involved by getting the newsletter, and stepping up to be a precinct committee person.  It isn’t a huge committement, it just means that you need to know your neighborhood and believe that you can speak for your neighborhood and tell your neighbors about the candidates.

Each precinct has a slot for two PCPs.  Each State house district is divided up into 4 subsections.  So HD 32 has 32A, 32B, 32C, 32D.  Here is a site Andrew Been has created for HD 32B.  It shows the precincts in that section.  Each one of those sections has a position for a captain, a co-captain, and a treasurer.  Each State house district has a chair and a co-chair position.  The important thing here is that get more grassroots involvement from everyday Democrats.

The precinct level is something that should be manageable by most everyone.  Each precinct is a relatively small area and may even be just a few blocks.  You can look at your precinct by looking up your voter registration information here.  You can then find a map of your precinct on the Adams county clerk’s website.  Once you’ve found your precinct, you can see that it is a relatively small area.  You live there, you should represent your area within the Adams county Democrats, and you should tell your neighbors about what is going on in the county.  Adams county Democratic party can help facilitate that with you.  The captains, and other persons in the county party structure can help you if you have questions.  Please e-mail the  secretary if you can help by filling that position.

This is how we get involved between major presidential elections, and make sure that we have good neighborhoods, good schools, and clean streets.