Media Monitors

Vigilant watchers/listeners/readers needed to monitor media during campaign season. We need people to observe any and all news stories about Adams County Democratic candidates, so that we can help them respond. This is something you can do from home. Please let know if you can help. Contact him at or (303) 601-8830


Ours is a 100% volunteer organization. Everyone has the time and a skill that can help our Party succeed in our goal to be a positive force in our community. In election years we depend upon volunteers in our efforts to help get Democrats elected. In non-election years it is volunteers that keep things running smoothly and enable us to participate in community events. If you are interested in learning of volunteer opportunities, please complete the form below.  If you have skills and motivation or inspiration, we can use your excellence to help our party.  Please e-mail

Have Some Fun

Walk in a parade – carry a banner – hand out candy – wear your best red/white/blue – blow up balloons – or work in one of several booths we will have during the summer and have fun. We are in several parades every summer, beginning with the Commerce City Memorial Day parade, Strasburg, Bennett parades. We have booths at Thorntonfest, Westminster Promenade and the Adams County Fair. Just email at and let her know you are ready to join in the fun.