Inflation and the Economy

The reduced buying power we’re all experiencing is a major concern for many – and rightly so. Democrats have programs which are restoring our daily economics to normal. Republicans offer hollow promises, no programs, and guidance from economy arsonist Donald Trump.

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Women’s Rights and Abortion

The very unpopular Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v Wade upended nearly 50 years of Women’s rights to control their own bodies and destinies. Even as the appalling effects of this ruling reverberate in our society, electing Democrats in the 2022 election is a key step toward restoring these basic rights.

As explained by  Senator Amy Klobuchar:

Efforts to end Democracy

 The are multi-pronged efforts by Republicans to install themselves – a minority – into perpetual positions of power. These are steps toward losing our American freedoms and our voice in our future through free and fair elections. Voting for Democrats in 2022 will enable revisions to our laws to better secure Democracy against these attacks:

Jan 6th – Insurrection in an effort to nullify a fair Presidential Election

 As revealed in televised public hearings, a peaceful and orderly transition of Presidential power was nearly denied – as explained by Republican witnesses. The bi-partisan committee to expose this event and propose remediation states their objectives:

Efforts to end free and fair elections

In addition to the threat of key-position Republicans short circuiting election results on state and local levels, Republicans have long sought to “stack the deck” for many elections. Grouping election districts to maximize Republican representation – gerrymandering – is playing out in many states. For more, on gerrymandering efforts, please see:

The Democratic National Committee provides a comprehensive summary of our protect Democracy platform: