RE Statement by Denver Democratic Socialists of America

In the midst of so much horror and grief, the Democratic Party of Adams County is deeply saddened and angered by attempts to justify Hamas’ horrific crimes against Israeli civilians as an act of resistance.

We are particularly alarmed and appalled by the statement release by the Denver Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which uses language that can only be deemed as pro-genocide. This follows similarly horrific language from various other DSA chapters.

We believe it is important to extend grace to well-meaning individuals who have used harmful language and then apologized and then committed to do better. Unfortunately, Denver DSA has chosen to double down on hate and division.

We are also appalled by all attempts, especially on the far right, to use Hamas’ crimes as an excuse to make hateful, racist generalizations against and about the entire Palestinian people, or to promote more violence at home and abroad.

We must recognize that the interests, safety and basic rights of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples are intertwined, and struggle for a solution that guarantees true freedom and self-determination for both peoples.

As Democrats, we believe that both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, like all people – regardless of race, religion, or national identity – have the innate right to live with freedom, dignity, equality, and safety. We stand in solidarity with all who seek the same.

DSA and its local affiliate, much like their counterparts on the far right, cheer for more violence and repression, with the only deference being their preferred perpetrator. We denounce and reject the Denver DSA and call on all elected officials who represent Adams County to do the same.